Parish Engineering has been awarded ‘Australian Made’ status for this product range

The Australian Made campaign was launched five decades ago to encourage Australians to support Australian made products.

Since then, the logo has come to be recognised nationally and internationally as a symbol of quality, reliability, and authenticity. But it has also become a shorthand for investment in Australian skills, Australian jobs, and the Australian economy.

Parish Engineering says it has been a champion of Australian manufacturing for a long time, stretching back before the Australia Made campaign was launched.

It explains that it has been supplying the Australian automotive industry since the first Holden began rolling off the assembly line in 1948.

Six years ago, Parish Engineering acquired Longworth Engineering, and launched its own brand of Longworth Air Fittings and Couplings – which provides high-quality air fitting and couplings for various industrial applications.

Recently, it was granted permission to use the Australian Made logo for this range of products.

This development is a significant achievement for Parish Engineering as it indicates our products meet the strict standards set by the Australian Made campaign,” Parish Engineering Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Sinclair, said.

“Parish Engineering’s commitment to producing Australian-made products is evident in our manufacturing processes.

“We use state-of-the-art equipment and employ skilled workers to ensure our products meet the highest standards, ensuring they are safe and reliable: a critical factor when we consider where some items are used.

“Many of the Longworth components manufactured, go on truck braking systems. These braking systems are critical in ensuring the safety of heavy-duty vehicles.

“Our components are reliable and built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Good for jobs, good for the economy, and good for highest quality safety standards.

“The Australian Made logo is not just a testament to Parish Engineering’s commitment to providing high-quality products to our customers, it is also a recognition of our contribution to the Australian economy.

“By manufacturing products in Australia, Parish Engineering supports local jobs and promotes economic growth.

“Our customers can be assured they are purchasing products that are not only of the highest quality but also benefit their fellow Australians.

“We invite other Australian manufacturers to use Australian Made as much as possible, to help Australia’s manufacturing sector continue to grow and thrive, to be the manufacturing foundation it once was.”

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