Parish engineering continues beyond 72 years of manufactuting in australia, as ford australia close their doors for the last time.

On 15th August 2016 Parish Engineering will celebrate 72 years of manufacturing in Australia, and as we do we will supply Ford Motor Co Australia their last components before they close their doors for the last time.

As Parish Engineering approaches its 72nd year of manufacturing in Victoria on 15th August 2016, we are saddened by the impending closure of the Ford Motor Company in Australia. It’s just another statistic to add to the long list of closures witnessed along our 72 year journey in manufacturing. Production at Ford has been slowly winding down to its end, and this month will see Parish Engineering supply the final component to be fitted into a locally built Ford vehicle, with the closure at Ford scheduled for October this year.

Over our 72 year history we have seen many businesses come and go. However what would no doubt have to be considered as the biggest impact to effect manufacturing in this country, was the announcement that, alongside Ford Motor Co of Australia, the final 2 remaining OE (Original equipment) car manufacturers, Toyota and Holden have also decided to close their doors in Australia, leaving our once known manufacturing hubs, Victoria and South Australia, without a volume producer of passenger vehicles.

Parish Engineering’s long standing history of supplying quality component parts to the Australian Automotive industry dates well back, in fact we were a regional supplier to the first production Holden produced, the 48/215. Later known by Holden enthusiasts as the 1948 FX Holden. Parish then continued to supply many components to OE vehicle manufacturers in Australia through first tier suppliers. Beginning as mentioned with Holden, then British Leyland 1950 to 1975, VW Australia 1967 to 1968, Chrysler Australia from late 50s to 1981, Nissan Australia 1968 to 1992, Mitsubishi 1981 to 2008, and still today, we will continue to supply to Holden and Toyota Australia until their planned closure in late 2017.

Now for Parish into future, well for any manufacturer supplying the Automotive industry to say they are or will be unaffected by the closures, would certainly be an untruth. However we did have ample knowledge of the intended closures, therefore enabling us sufficient time to re-position ourselves, along with establishing some excellent new client alliances, which will see Parish Engineering continue as a major driving force in manufacturing well into the next 72 years.