Parish EngineeringOn Saturday the 15th August I celebrated 40 years since taking over Parish Engineering.

It has been an incredible and rewarding journey with the great changes, developments and tribulations that has occurred in our industry over these 40 years.

During this period there has been many recessions, a GFC and now the Covid-19 virus. Despite these difficulties Parish has prospered and survived. I have experienced the growth and the closure of the automotive industry and a general reduction in manufacturing.

However, the manufacturing industry of Australia has managed to improve and survive through all these trials and tribulations.

I know that Parish Engineering would not have prospered during these times without the support of many people and companies.

I have been privileged to have worked with some of the best staff anyone could want for and I highly value the wonderful people that have worked for our firm.

Parish has been blessed with the continual support and hard work of many great staff. The majority of our staff have been with us for over 20 years, particularly three staff that have been with us for more than 30 years.

I thank them all for their great support and comfort during the good and the bad times.

One of my greatest thrills has been the training and mentoring of over 20 apprentices. I hope that I have had a positive contribution to their careers.

I would like to thank our many great customers and supplier that have strongly supported us over the 40 years.

In particular MTM Pty. Ltd whom were my first new customer in 1980 and are still a current customer today. 40 years a Customer is a great achievement and I thank the Albert family for their great support and encouragement over this period.

I also wish to thank the many suppliers that have been very much part of the Parish story. Bill Parish, who started in business in 1932, once told me “there are three things to look after to maintain a successful company, your staff, your customers and your suppliers, all are needed to survive.”

I would like to thank all that have been involved with Parish and in particular my first business partner and mentor for 27 years, Julian Lucas who was a great mentor and I could not have asked for a better business partner.

I now have the greatest of pleasure in observing the development and growth of my daughter, Nicole, in her role as the CEO and my business partner for the last 13 years.

I guess I will not make another 40 years but I will try for as many more years as I can.