After 70 years in the manufacturing industry, we decided it was time to showcase our expertise in precision component manufacturing, and display our newly acquired Longworth Air Fittings products, so we tried our hand at becoming an exhibitor at the Austech Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition.

The decision to exhibit this year was a sound one, given as stated in the AMTIL magazine, the Exhibition had it’s highest turnout since 2009. As first time exhibitors we didn’t quite know what to expect, however we have been very pleased with the outcomes. As mentioned we took this opportunity not only to showcase our extensive machining capabilities, we also considered it a great opportunity to display our traditional Threadmaster Gauges, with whom we have been agents for many years, along with our newly acquired product range of Longworth Air Fittings.

It was certainly surprising to us, to hear how many people were of the belief, that products such as these were no longer manufactured in this country.

I suppose another confirmation, that the more exposure you can achieve the greater the chance of consideration. The exhibition also confirmed to us, that the potential for further expansion of the Longworth Air Fitting range, both locally and overseas was very positive, so we will pursue this avenue further as time progresses. Thank you to all those who came to visit and support us! We thoroughly enjoyed our first time as exhibitors, and will definitely be back again in future years.