The Cutting Edge of Service and Quality Since 1944

Parish Engineering is a family owned, Australian repetition engineering company, manufacturing quality precision components in Moorabbin, Victoria. The company is in the enviable position of being small enough to offer personal contact with the owners of the business, yet large enough to provide the most sophisticated technology available.

In 1932 William (Bill) Joseph Parish started in business, he formed Parish Engineering into a limited company in 1944. The company grew over time through the skills and knowledge of Bill Parish, who went on to become one of the icons of the repetition sector in Victoria. Production component manufacture has been the focus throughout our long history, with Parish being one of the first repetition engineering company’s in Australia to purchase a then modern Cam Automatic Lathe.

By 1940 Parish had 8 employees and grew considerably in the early 1940’s, when it produced considerable components to support the war effort in the munitions sector. By 1946 the company had a little over 40 employees, and were a regional supplier to the first Production Holden, produced in 1948. Known today as the FX Holden, that can still be seen running around on our road today.

Parish benefits from a long commitment of investing in staff and training, with the first apprentice starting with us in 1935 and continuing on as Production Manger to 1946. Even today our Maintenance Manager joined us as an apprentice in 1985.

Bill Parish unfortunately had no children to pass the company on to, and decided in 1968 to sell the company. However, one of the current owners Graeme Sinclair commenced as an Engineer at Parish in the 1970’s and along with a Partner purchased the company in 1980. Graeme’s daughter Nicole Sinclair joined the business as an Engineer in 2006, and when Graeme’s business Partner sold his shares in the business to the Sinclair family in 2008, Parish Engineering once again became a truly family owned business. Today with Nicole now at the helm as CEO the company looks to the future with the same innovative spirit and enthusiasm that Graeme and Bill have demonstrated over the past 70 years in the industry.

Then and Now:

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